How To Get Your Kids to Read This Summer for FREE

Summer is coming. And for many women that makes the struggle between balancing a career and life at home that much harder.

This is especially true if you have kids.

How do you keep your child engaged in learning through the long, hot, relaxing days of summer? And how do you do that in between your career and other responsibilities?

And doing that while sticking to your budget? Impossible.

Or is it?

Even if your kids aren’t particularly fond of reading, there are some great summer reading programs to bribe encourage them to bury their nose in a new favorite book.

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For summer: print these reading programs for kids

Big Book Store

Barnes and Noble has a great summer reading program for kids. This year’s theme is Summer Reading Triathlon. And it’s FREE!

To participate, simply download the reading log and track your child’s favorite books over the summer months. Bring in the completed reading log to any Barnes and Noble store (between May 17 and September 6) and your child can pick out a free book from their summer reading selection.

And, if you have a Kindle, you can sign up here for a free 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited.

Online Challenge

Scholastic is synonymous with good books. Which is why it’s no surprise they have a great (FREE!) online summer reading program.

This year, the program runs from May 9 through September 9. Encourage your kids to Be a Reading Superhero by logging their reading minutes to earn rewards. You can register for the program here.

Parents can benefit from free book recommendations, resources, and daily tips. Plus, updates on your child’s reading are delivered straight to your email inbox!

On Your Own

If you’d rather do your own summer reading challenge and design your own rewards system, here’s a great option.

My Sister’s Suitcase has a free online printable to challenge your sons and daughters in a summer game of reading bingo.

Download their free color printout here, or visit their website to print out a blank one to fill in with your own ideas.

Either way, you’ll earn brownie points with your kids this summer with all the fun reading ideas!

Getting your kids to read this summer will be easy with all these great ideas. Do you have any others that work? What else do you try to keep your kids active in the summer without breaking the bank?

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