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Tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck?

We were, too. And then we got serious about building a better life. Working together, my husband Andrew and I slashed our spending and paid off over $30,000 in debt and bought our dream home in two long short years by learning the secret to making more, saving more, and ending the chaos of living paycheck to paycheck.

Even better, we leveraged our strategies to buy a new (much larger!) house that we love.

Join us here at to unlock real-life solutions to break free from your financial burdens. Now is the time to make more money, save more money, and build a life of financial freedom.

4 Steps to Ending the Financial Mess

Ready to make more money, save more money, and build a secure financial future? It only takes four simple steps.

1. Make a plan to spend less than you make

2. Dump every last bit of your debt

3. Strategize and invest the money you save

4. Start living the life of your dreams

About Us

Shopping trip? Yes. Manicures? No doubt. New car? Of course!

Though she thought she was living the good life – wife to a great man, mom to an awesome kid, and working at a good job – it turns out Amy was in quite the financial mess. With car loans, credit card debt, bank loans, student loans — she and her husband had every kind of debt there is.

Life is hard with debt! And we were trapped.

There’s never enough time or energy at the end of the day, and never enough money at the end of the month.

But there is hope.

Amy knew there was a better life waiting for her – she just had to find it! She was time-starved, working full-time, and struggling with trying to make ends meet. And, like you, she doesn’t have time to spend baking her own bread or growing and harvesting her own food. And even if she had sewing skills (which she doesn’t), she just doesn’t have the time to spend darning socks or making clothes.

But there are ways to get out of debt, save money, and build a life of financial freedom without all that nonsense.

And that’s the mission of Early Morning Money: getting you to wake up and end the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, build a solid financial future, and break free from the chaos.

Are you in?

Want an easy-to-use Free Monthly Budget Spreadsheet? CLICK HERE to get instant access to the exact same spreadsheet we use to track our finances!

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