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Save Money with the 2019 Meal Planning Bundle

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Saving money on groceries is one of the quickest ways to get your spending under control. If you’re like me, your grocery budget is the “wildcard” category, and you’re never sure how it’ll shake out at the end of the month. Even though I always have the best of intentions, life is busy and stressful. And when life gets busy, I find myself spending more on convenience foods or hitting up the drive-thru.

When I take the time to make a meal plan, it makes my days so much easier. Have you ever done that?

I know, I know… you’re busy. I get it. I’m busy, too! That’s why I’m going to share with you my secret weapon for saving money with healthy meal planning: the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle.

Why Meal Planning Works

Andrew and I go grocery shopping once a week. Well, we try to go grocery shopping once a week. It doesn’t always work out that way. I hate grocery shopping in generally, and it’s especially awful without a list.

I like to think I can wing it (I know what we need at home to feed my family, right?) but starting with a meal plan and a list makes grocery shopping a breeze.

Without a plan, I have to stop at the grocery store several times throughout the week to pick up a few things for dinner that night. And all that extra shopping sends our grocery budget spiraling out of control.

Meal planning works because:

Meal planning saves time
It only takes about 20 minutes to plan a week’s worth of meals, and you’ll save a lot of time by doing this ahead of time. Plus, you won’t end up at the grocery store multiple times a week.

Meal planning puts money back in your pocket
Planning and making a list means you’re less likely to buy food you don’t need. By only buying the ingredients for your meal plan, you won’t end up throwing food away.

Meal planning reduces stress
Imagine coming home from work and knowing exactly what you’re having for dinner. Better yet? You already have all of the ingredients you need to get it done! That’s a huge sanity-saver right there.

How the Meal Planning Bundle Saves You Money

Healthy meals don’t just happen.

(Wouldn’t that be nice?)

You have to decide what you’re eating, make your list, buy the ingredients, and then prepare everything. And the domino that starts it all is knowing what you’re going to eat. You can search Pinterest, magazines, and cookbooks for meal ideas, but who has time for that?

In other words, the path to saving money begins with a meal plan.

My secret for saving time and money with meal planning is the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle. It’s the best solution to your time-starved schedule and will answer the “what’s for dinner” question once and for all.

It has ready-made meal plans to save you money with a focus on quick & simple, but delicious, healthy meals – complete with shopping lists and fresh recipes – for a ridiculously low price.

With the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle, you get access to:

  • A carefully-curated library of simple, nutritious, whole food recipes, beautifully formatted in 12 digital cookbooks.
  • An easy-to-use index for every single recipe, to help you sort by food allergy, eating style, quick meals, cooking method, and more.
  • 30+ unique made-for-you meals plans complete with grocery lists and prep reminders (4-week dinner plans, school & work lunch plans, breakfast rotations, party plans, and more!)
  • Meal planning printables for those who love paper & pen and creating their own custom plans.
  • Plus healthy eating resources on clean eating, a flavor crash course (so your food tastes ah-ma-zing!), strategies for helping kids with pickiness, allergies and more!

And so much more all for just $37. Wantto know more? Click here.

Final Thoughts

For me, meal planning is the secret to keeping our grocery budget in check. And this Healthy Meal Planning Bundle is something I use all the time because it saves me money. I know it’ll save you money (and your sanity), too.

What are you waiting for? Make 2019 the best year yet with money-saving meal plans for your family!

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2019
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