Hey there! I’m Amy, the founder of Early Morning Money. My goal is to help you pick a side hustle, grow your side hustle, and create a sustainable business.

Of course, I’ll help you with money management and paying off debt, too.

Here’s why:

A side hustle changed my life.

It sounds dramatic, but it’s true.

You see, my family is everything. But it’s hard to put family first when you’re buried by a mountain of debt.

We have car loans, student loans, and credit cards that are keeping us from living the life we want to live. Between my husband’s and my salary, we were barely making ends meet because of all of our debt payments (and we were only paying the minimums!).

On top of that?

I lost my job in December 2018.

Luckily, I started a side hustle in 2016 and had been earning a little money on the side. If I hadn’t, we would have been in real trouble.

That side income is what we relied on to pay the bills and put food on the table when I no longer had a steady paycheck coming in.

Instead of looking for a new job, I grew my side hustle as a freelance content marketing writer. Now, I write full time. It’s the most amazing feeling ever to be self-employed.

When writing was my side hustle, it helped us pay down more debt and gave us some breathing room in our budget.

But starting a side gig? It wasn’t easy.

I wish I’d had someone there to walk me through the steps on how to pick a side hustle and the best ways to manage my time to grow it into a sustainable gig.

(I’m a wife and mother, and volunteer as a Girl Scout leader for my daughter’s troop. Plus, there’s cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands, paying bills, etc that eat up my time… finding time for a side hustle was tough!)

But the important thing is that I started.

And you can, too!

I’m here to help. If you’re thinking of earning money on the side or working from home, you’re in the right place. Let me help you build a side hustle to escape the burden of debt and find financial security.

Are you ready to find freedom to pursue your passions? A side hustle can help. Find out how to start a side hustle, everything you need to know to run your business, and achieve personal financial freedom.

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