Hi there!

Hi, I’m Amy and this is my husband Andrew and daughter Nora. We’re just a couple of nerds who are tired of trying to make ends meet. So we’re saying goodbye to the rat race and learning to find joy in frugal living.

About Us

Shopping trip? Yes. Manicures? No doubt. New car? Of course!

That was us not too long ago. We thought we were living the good life – rocking married life, raising an awesome kid, and working at good jobs – but we were tired. And, as it turns out, we were in quite the financial mess.

With car loans, credit card debt, bank loans, student loans — we could barely make our minimum monthly payments. I thought we had no choice but to keep working to afford the life we were living.

Life is hard with debt! And we felt trapped.

There’s never enough time or energy at the end of the day, and never enough money at the end of the month.

But there is hope.

I knew there was a better life out there. I mean, there has to be, right? After all, living a time-starved life, working full-time and still struggling to make ends meet was taking its toll.

And I’m sick and tired of it.

It wasn’t long until I heard about the idea of Financial Independence Retire Early (or FIRE for short). Is it possible?

Could I really escape the fate of working like a dog until I’m 65?

Driven by financial freedom and the idea of unlimited vacation time — time to travel, to spend with family and engage in our passions — we set out to design what a perfect life would look like.

I immediately started side-hustling to bring in extra cash. It paid off! In just 9 months, I grew my part-time side job into a full-time freelance writing business that I can do from home. Andrew started working with Shipt on the weekends to bring in more money.

But more money doesn’t help if you don’t know how to manage it.

We quickly learned that to find financial independence, we had to learn how to find joy in frugal living. Otherwise, we’d be stuck in an endless cycle of working forever!

So here we are… changing our priorities and living life on a budget.

We know that you can escape the stress of money and build a life you love without sacrificing your sanity.

And that’s why Early Morning Money exists: To help you control your spending, make more money, and find joy in frugal living.