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What could you do with an extra $500 to $1,000 every month?

If you’re looking to build financial security, you’re in the right place. A side hustle can help you bring in extra cash every month to build your savings, get out of debt or finally take your dream vacation. 

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April 2020 Spending Report

We really buckled down on our spending to beef up our emergency fund this past month.  It wasn’t hard, since the entire state is under a “stay at home order” because of the coronavirus outbreak. Luckily, we’re in a rural area and have (so far) only seen 17 cases in the entire county. Andrew and

7 Tips for Managing Your Money if You Lose Your Job

Losing your job can be stressful, especially in an uncertain time like we are currently in now. You might be worried about being able to pay your rent/mortgage, pay off your credit card bills, or even just putting food on the table for your family. If you have recently lost your job, you are not

Why I Got My Teenager a Debit Card

I never had a checking account as a teen. My parents were like most parents: They never talked about money. Everything I know about money, I had to learn on my own. Which means I didn’t manage money very well in my 20s. Now that I’m a personal finance nerd, I talk about money all

IdentityIQ Review: Is it Legit?

If you’re wondering whether you could be a victim of identity theft, the answer is yes. In 2018, 14.4 million consumers were victims of identity fraud. Almost a quarter of victims were partially liable for the fraud committed against them. Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Identity theft? Not me! That’s for people who don’t

March 2020 Monthly Spending Report

We’ve been trying to pay off our debt for way too long. Part of it is because we bought a $20k+ car two years ago with no down payment. That’s really dumb, by the way. Don’t do that. Plus, I had a mini-mortgage-sized student loan that’s now down to about $26k. And everything seems to

30 Days of At-Home Activities to Keep You and Your Family Entertained

Stuck at home with nowhere to go? Family driving you crazy? Never fear! If you find yourself confined to your house, you may quickly run out of ideas to occupy your time. It’s funny how endless hours of streaming Netflix was so alluring just a few weeks ago. But there’s only so much a person

3 Tips to Find Your Perfect Side Hustle

This is a guest post by Financial Wolves, a blog about making money with side hustles to help you achieve financial freedom. With the rising popularity of the gig economy, you see new ways of making money almost every other day. You can go ahead and try a hundred of these. But, if it’s not

10 Hidden Monthly Expenses You Need To Cut

Do you get frustrated when unexpected expenses pop up out of the blue? Doesn’t it seem like just when your money picture is starting to improve, some hidden monthly expense comes up and ruins your budget? There is hope. There is a way for you to take control over these expenses so that you can

How to Make Money with Facebook Marketplace

Jumping into the new year, many of us are on the move to make some extra money. We’ve either set the resolutions of paying off our debts, phone bill, credit cards bill, or we simply want to make a few extra dollars for our checking account. But where does the extra money come from? What