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15 Simple Ways to Cut Costs and Save More Money

How many times have you promised yourself “this is the year I’m going to save more money”? Yet somehow it never happens. Something always comes up! I know it’s hard. Between staying on top of the regular bills and expenses, school fundraisers, and the ever-increasing cost of groceries and gas, it’s almost impossible to set aside part of our income for a rainy day. And not having any savings is the #1 reason we...

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How We Saved $1,500 by Going on a Fiscal Fast

At the top of the year, we found out that we'd be out $1,000 from one of our income sources (bummer) and a few weeks later we were dealt another blow and had to pump an unexpected $2,000 into our rental unit! At this point we had a few choices -- sulk, earn some extra cash, or tighten the purse strings....

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4 Easy (and Cheap!) Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

This week I have a very special treat for you all. My daughter Nora wanted to contribute to the blog and she wrote this one completely by herself! (Proud mom moment!) She’s 11 years old and in the fifth grade. And she tells me all the time that “you shouldn’t start a sentence with the word ‘and'” (and I do vaguely remember that was my academic days) but… I do it anyway. (Sorry Nora!) Without...

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3 Easy Spring Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

This isn't going to be your typical "spring cleaning" article. You see, I'm much too busy to spend a lot of time deep-cleaning my home. I mean, I struggle with the basics of keeping up with the dishes and tackling the "paper clutter monster" that always seems to spiral out of control. ...

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The Best Way to Save Money for Christmas

Ever been accused of being greedy? Or being stingy with your money? If you’re on a debt-free journey like me and pinching every penny, it can be tough for outsiders to see your generous heart. But what others sometimes fail to see is that being frugal and sticking to a budget doesn’t make you greedy – it doesn’t change your generous heart at all! Even though you’re trying to save money and crush your...

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Top 5 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

After months (or years!) of paying off debt and saving money, deciding to buy your first home can be one of the most exciting times in your adult life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for that excitement to be overshadowed by confusion and overwhelm. ...

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5 Awesome Movies for Date Night He’ll Actually Watch

Movie night is one of our favorite low-budget date nights. The trouble is, my husband and I often disagree on what movie to watch. Do you have that problem? (Oh, please say we’re not the only ones that can’t agree on a movie to watch! HA!) There’s no question that Andrew and I are different. He’s your typical guy – he likes all the Marvel superhero movies, the Lord of the Rings, and others...

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The Real Reason You’re Still in Debt (and How to Fix It!)

Are you deep in debt and not sure why you’re still struggling? I’m here to share with you the number one strategy to end the cycle – it worked for me and I know it will for you, too. It involves unexpected expenses. Most of us are smart enough to know that if we keep charging groceries or restaurant bills, we’ll keep ourselves in debt. But what about those unexpected expenses? Do you reach...

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Do You Know Where Your Debt Is?

Most of us at this point in our lives have debt. But do you know where it is? Or how much you owe? If you’re thinking about getting your finances under control, you might not know where to begin. When first starting on your journey to financial freedom, you need to figure out where you’re at. And that means gathering up your bills, logging into your online accounts, and making a list of all your...

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How to Stop Debt from Destroying Your Future

How do you view your debt? Do you use your credit card to supplement your lifestyle? Freely racking up debt on clothes, going out to eat, or vacations? Or do you see it as a burden? A huge anchor weighing down your dreams? My opinion of debt has changed over the years. Early in my adult years, I didn’t think much of it. Everyone has debt, right? Whether you’re drowning in debt or just starting...

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