The Best Tools for Your Finances

We get asked all the time about the tools and resources we use to save money, build a better budget and increase our income. 

So here it is:

A collection of the websites, tools, and resources we use and recommend to simplify money and break free from the burden of debt.

Before diving into these awesome resources I know and trust, I wouldn’t feel right unless I let you know that some of these links are affiliate links. That means I may receive a commission, at no cost to you, if you click through and make a purchase. Please understand that I recommend them because they’re helpful and useful, and I have experience with all of these companies. You can read my disclosure policy for more info.

My Top Picks

The BEST Planner. Period.

I love planners, and I’m excited to tell you that I’ve finally found the perfect planner that has everything. Read my full review here.

Make Money with a Blog

Going from working full-time as an employee to making a living online with my blog is awesome. And you can make money with a blog, too.

Meals Plans Made for You

Pinterest is great for finding recipes, but who has time for that? Emeals delivers ready-made meal plans to your inbox.

Start a Side Hustle + Make Some Money

Earn More Writing with Holly Johnson will jump start your freelance writing career and help you make more money, whether you’re looking for a side-hustle or full-blown career.

I hesitated to buy this course but am so glad I did! It cuts the crap and delivers actionable steps to become a freelance writer. I wish I had bought it sooner. Before this course, I was lucky to make $100 a month. Using the advice in the Earn More Writing course helped me grow my side-hustle into a full-time income where I make $3,000+ a month. You can read my article about it here.

10kVA by Kayla Sloan will introduce you to the world of Virtual Assistants (VA) and show you how to make money as a VA from start to finish.

This course helped me figure out what I was good at and what companies would pay me to do for them. You have a skill that someone else needs… that someone will pay you for. 10kVA can help you figure out what it might be.

Survey Junkie is a great way to make money taking online surveys. It’s free to join and you can earn cash through PayPal, Amazon or e-gift cards. The surveys are short and only take one to three minutes each, so there’s a minimal time investment.

Swagbucks is another trusted site to earn money from online surveys. It’s the one I’ve made the most with. You earn points for answering questions and only need to accumulate $5 to cash out. (My favorite part is trading my points for gift cards!)

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for freelance services. Are you good at making graphics, PDF printables, or spreadsheets? Or maybe you’re awesome at proof reading or data entry. Whatever it is, you can make money here.

Money Saving Apps + Websites

Save Your Spare Change

Acorns takes you back to the days of saving your spare change with the convenience of today’s technology. All of your purchases are rounded up and the change goes into an investment account. You’d be surprised at how much you can save!

The first month I used it, I stashed away $70 without even realizing it.

Earn Cash Back from Shopping Online

Ebates gives you cash back on everything you buy online. It’s easy and it’s free, and you’re gonna buy it anyway so you might as well get something out of it. We bought our refrigerator using Ebates! We used our Chase Sapphire Rewards credit card and earned points for free travel. And we ordered it online from Lowe’s through Ebates and scored free cash back. It was pretty cool.

Spend Less on Vacation

CityPASS gets you in to top tourist sites and attractions for a fraction of the cost. Save money on your next vacation to

  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • San Francisco
  • and more

It’s easy to save 43% and more on fun stuff when you’re traveling.

Buy & Sell Discount Gift Cards

CardPool is awesome whether you’re looking for a gift card for that special someone on your Christmas list or just want to save money on things you’d normally buy anyway. You can shop online for discount gift cards and keep more money in your pocket.

Plus, you can sell your unused gift cards to make extra cash, too!